White Magik, 45 finest effect of spherical social icons

New week, new set of social icons. This week I present a set of icons very well done, and finish with a game including a very nice shadows. A software called White Magik is a set of social icons in shape of white spheres.
This group represents the largest social networks and Webware: Blogger / Blogspot, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Design Float, Linkedin, Mixx, MySpace, Netvibes, Reddit, RSS, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, Visualizeus, WordPress, Yahoo, Apple, Blinklist, bump Design, Google, MySpace, Orkut, Yahoo Buzz, YouTube!

The 45 icons are divided into 3 sizes (64 × 64 px, 100 × 100 px, 128 × 128 px) and format. Transparent PNG. Perfect for clear site and purified or minimalist.

Download White Magik

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  1. I am kind of new to social bookmarking but social bookmarks presents great resource when doing research..’,

  2. Hi. this is kind of an off-the-wall question , but have other visitors asked you how get the side panel to look like you’ve got it?

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