Windows 8.2: the return to the start menu?

Windows 8 is not a new version of Microsoft operating system. In reality, it represents a real breakthrough in the history of the firm. A break, and a fantastic risk-taking. Sweep the flat of his hand well-established codes, we must dare. And indeed, the more time passes, the less Microsoft seems to assume its new strategy. This is also what led him to start Windows 8.1 back button. Yes, and it would apparently only the beginning since Windows 8.2 could squarely mark the return … the start menu.

This information does not come from anyone. This is actually Paul Thurrott who started this huge bombshell late yesterday afternoon. Paul Thurrott same which usually reveal crucial information about Microsoft products several months before launch.


Interviewing some of his sources , Paul has obtained information on Windows 8.2, information of particular interest :

  • Back to the Start menu : If you believe the famous sources , then consider Microsoft to reinstate the start menu on the traditional Windows desktop 8.2. Be careful though because it would be offered as an option, and each user could thus decided to bring it up again or not . In addition, the start menu is only available on the “pro” versions of the OS .
  • Modern UI integration of office applications : Until now, the Modern UI applications ran directly on the home screen , in full screen. Windows 8.2 could make some changes and it is thus a question that these applications can be run in windowed mode on the traditional Windows desktop, and on all versions of the system.

It’s heavy , right? Yes, but we must not forget that Windows 8.2 will not be released before 2015 , in the best case . By then , many things can change and it is precisely for this reason that these rumors are to be taken with the utmost prucence .

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