WordPress: Should we choose a premium theme?

Our favorite blogging tool WordPress can have so-called pay issues. That is to say, it is possible to have many complete themes for a few euros, or a few dollars.

Some are rather favorable to this process, others do not. Paid themes are sometimes more complete than others, but it is also possible to find free as well finished themes.

Personally I have never paid for a WordPress theme. I have always found my shoe off for my various blogs, and I managed to adapt my needs to free themes.

But when I walk from pay issues, I must admit that some actually seem well designed and attractive. Sites / blogs that operate are equally well done, but then he must know how to adapt a design, design and theme colors in content, but that’s another story.

In terms of prices, there is everything. The simple theme can cost $ 25, while the oversized theme can exceed $ 100. In all cases, you must think twice before choosing the theme, because after paying, it would be a shame not to be satisfied.

On the other side of the wall, paid themes can be a real business for a designer. If people are able to provide topics that deserve to pay, then other people are able to buy them.

Examples of paid themes for WordPress:

Theme Revolution

theme-revolution-1.jpg theme-revolution-2-500x363 theme-revolution-3-500x379 theme-premium-500x399

Thème Remix

theme-remix-500x417 theme-news-500x379

That’s the example I shown you. Want a WordPress blog with a beautiful appearance? Choosing Premium theme can be the option.

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