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With the ambition to discover your wonderful site in the world, you’ve probably stumbled on the problem of the translation. The task may indeed prove difficult, if not for your poor language skills, explore the miles of new pages that you’ve laid for the different structures can batter your brains recent available. You will find a plethora of plugins for translating your sites with varying degrees of success. In this context I would like to bring to your attention (if not already the case) the plugin called Transposh, created by the team of the same name.

Plugin Administration
The implementation of this application is very simple (and simplicity is the motto of users of WordPress). After the immediate installation, you can find the plugin under “Settings” from the administrative panel of your website.

When you select the application, you get to the window below:
At your disposal a fifty languages to broaden understanding of your items. A simple “click & drop” to select the default language of the site. You can select as many languages as you want from those you have proposed.

You also have statistical utility is variously assessed as the sum of the translations made and those made recently.
Various options allow you to define the context of reading and writing. In fact, you can prioritize access to changes in translation.
As part of a machine translation, you can choose your translation engine: Google or Bing (MSN). Data significant in terms of SEO.

In addition, each post can be translated immediately after it was published.

Even in referencing Transposh facilitates the position of the site internationally by setting the url corresponding elements. Ex: http://wordpress.org/en.

The power of personalization
How many times have you been dealing with a translation by too rough for you as you contented? Stop counting. Just say: “Too much!”. The strength of Transposh is that it can benefit both a machine translation and translation completely customizable.
If the translation done automatically you do not like, you can do yourself.
Okay, okay, okay! The sample taken is not very complicated to translate but just to show you the simplicity of the application. In the end, you get an easy to use plugin which allows to rewrite your content with high fidelity. Download the plugin here.

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