Zonerama, free web space and unlimited for your photos

It is not always easy to find the perfect place to store photos. DVD and USB key is outdated, it is time to turn to the Internet. For my part, I use Joomeo years. Although the service is paying for my use, I have no complaints. However, other alternatives are available. This is particularly the case Zonerama, a new Web service that offers free and unlimited space for your digital photos …zonerama

After a simple, quick and free registration, you can use the Zonerama site. To do this, go to “Upload Photos”. Once in this tab, you can select or drag photos directly from the Web service.

Zonerama stands out by offering various options such as:

  • Adding a password
  • Selecting share or hide an album
  • For permission to download photos or not
  • Adding a watermark
  • Automatic sharing on Facebook and Twitter

The dashboard Zonerama is fun to watch. Once in your account, you have a slider that scrolls all your photos sent to the site. You can get some information about your albums as the number of photos, number of views, and the number of “likes”.

zonerama-tableau-bordAs with every new release of a web service like this, one question comes up: how long will it stay open? Even if it is rather nice to discover these kinds of tools, you have to get the idea that they do not last long against the competition: Flickr, Dropbox or Box.

Finally, note that you have access to desktop applications (Windows), and smartphone / tablet (Android).

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